Saturday, 13 December 2008

Alfie, my final bear for 2008 - Merry Christmas!! x

I'd love to introduce you to Alfie, he's my last bear this year, oooooh and he's so lovely!! If he doesn't sell I get to keep him!! He's on ebay right now until Friday....xx Happy Christmas everyone, have fun!!! xxxxxx


Laura Lynn said...

Clare he's wonderful! I'm not sure whether or not to wish you luck with his auction though ;) It's nice to be able to keep a bear or two of one's own!

heidi said...

hi,i am 'alfies' new mummy!! he arrived just in time for christmas & has had a great time with his new friends under the christmas tree!his tummy seems to have grown somewhat,i think they have been helping themselves to the choci's during the night!! i wondered were all my favourites had gone too!!x

Bear Treasures by Melanie Jayne said...

Hi Clare

I hope you do not mind me popping by, I have listed and nominated you for a blog award, I have added a few of my reasons on my blog, please stop by to pick up the award I think your worth it.

Lots of love
Melanie Jayne