Sunday, 3 February 2008

Amy and Hazel

I'd love to show you all my latest creations, Amy and Hazel. Amy is an old fashioned style bear, and Hazel is an earthy country girl with a garland of berries, they'll be on ebay for 7 days starting this evening (Sun 3 Feb) Hope you like them!! ;O)


Anonymous said...

Hi Clare,

I so love your bears. I just got outbid on "Chuck". I walked away from my computer for a minute and he was snatched away, I almost cried! I am so happy to see the new ones, can't wait to view their listings! Your designs are lovely, love them all!

~Country Bears~ said...

Awwww Bren - thank you!! I'm sorry you lost out in the end - I do that all the time it's so frustrating!! LOL!! The news ones are there, just waiting for their listings to show - good luck!! Many thanks again, your kind words mean so much to me!! *hugs*