Sunday, 20 May 2007

Multi Coloured Prim Bears!

So I thought I'd experiment with colour for these two, lol!! The photo's seem to show them in some 'heavenly' light, for some reason, but, the small bear is 9" approx and has pale pink head and peachy coloured body and limbs. His friends has a biege head and rusty body and limbs - I think they're great fun, hope you like them!! They'll be on ebay this evening!! ;O)


Aleta said...

All your prims are fabulous!! You really excell at this style. I couldn't pick a favorite....although the pretty little girl in the net skirt is winking and waving at me!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

~Country Bears~ said...

Awwww Aleta thank you!! xxx Your comments always mean the world to me - thank you so much!! This style is proving very popular, I'm so pleased people like them, I have so much fun creating them!! That pretty girl is off to live in Belgium, lucky thing!!


~Country Bears~ said...
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Laura Lynn said...

Oh they are just wonderful, I love them!!!! Good luck with your auctions!!