Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Well Hi!! And welcome to my new blog!! If you like Old Bears and prim things, we're going to get along just great!! I presently have Olde Bear on ebay, he's a smashing looking old fella and all a bit grungy!! Also keeping him company is 'Olde Friends' Raggedy Annie and Bear friends. I have plans for more prim bears and Annies so do please keep checking in!!

I'm also going to be making prim stitchery tags
and stitcheries in frames soon.


Aleta said...

Hello to you too, Clare!! Welcome to Blogland!! You're off to a great start!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Louise Peers said...

Hi Clare,
you did it yeah !!

Amelia said...

HURRAH!! Clare has a blog!! Yay!!

*now camped out waiting for the next post*

Lynette said...

hello Clare,
mm you might get two messages from me, humf
bear hugs Lynette